Designed to Suit

Private Site Radio Installations are engineered to suit each site recognising the differences in the sites often hostile conditions, and the layout of housing and hospitality.

Equipment is selected to work in the harshest environments on the planet

Quality equipment used for minimal downtime and extended life and range

Health and Safety

Health and Safety
Providing an alternative channel to supplement in-cab communication, Private Site Radio uses technology proven to be effective in road transport tunnels, the ability to break-in the FM radio signal in the cab.

An additional communication route for communication of Health and well-being messages.

An additional communication route for safety and attention alerts.

Situation Awareness

Assist with continued Situation Awareness
Quasi-Interactive content stimulates continued attention without distraction, mitigating the – “select another song” distractions.

Viable alternative to counter the covert use of personal entertainment equipment

Health and Well Being

Mental Health and Well Being
Embedded in the entertainment are Site specific and Personal specific communication of support and encouragement messages to support Mental Health Support Programs and HR Outreach along with boosting Morale.

Programs such as “you’re not alone” – “its okay to talk about it” – “Stop and Seek Help”

Morale boosting content to engage listeners and provide a happy workplace with positive messages.


Private Site Radio provides viable alternative to counter the covert use of personal entertainment equipment.

While Personal Entertainment Equipment is not permitted it is covertly used as sites have limited or no alternative options. 

A key tool used to battle fatigue by providing engaging content at peak fatigue times e.g 3.30am

AVW Audio Video Wholesalers

AVW Group, the technology company that supports Private Site Radio, was established in 1983;  now having more than 35 years in Radio Broadcast. Covering all of Australia and New Zealand with broadcast support and local offices AVW engineers Radio Solutions for Private and Government Radio Broadcast operators.

What Private Site Radio Offers

  • The 3-4 choices of FM radio stations dedicated to the site broadens the options available to the worker, flexible choice of entertainment genre, curated with interaction from the site operators Welfare personal.
  • Programmable Safety announcements for reminders of site-specific conditions. When needed during incidents, radio broadcasts are interrupted and safety messages are broadcast to the site by the operator. These messages may be pre-recorded or live broadcasts and can be imitated from Control Room or authorised personnel mobile apps.
  • Utilising the vehicles standard car radio the receiving equipment is already in place
  • No loss of fleet availability during deployment – No user training required – Instant adoption

Private Site Radio Offers

  • Provide an alternative channel to in-cab communication, the sites own radio station enables instant program interruption with an alert message.
  • Pre recorded standard alerts or voice special messages.
  • Message delivery to cab (and the wider site) on FM radio.
  • Audio Break-in controlled from any location via Mobile phone – Logging and audit trail of Audio Break-in messages


Logging and audit trail of Audio Break-in Cost effective

Improved Morale, safety and production

Receiving equipment (Car radio) already in place Communication Message Break-in controlled from any location